An Introduction to Elemental Yoga with Chad Woodford

Join Chad for a dynamic blend of vinyasa yoga, prānāyāma, Kundalini, kriyas, and more. Expect to work hard & leave feeling transformed!

Sep 28, 2019

1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Chad Woodford

473 Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA, 94109

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An Introduction to Elemental Yoga with Chad Woodford with Chad Woodford

About the Event


Join Chad in exploring yoga techniques and practices that heal and integrate mind, body, and spirit, and help you to experience greater bliss. In this workshop, we will break down and explore both vigorous and subtle practices, open the mind and the heart, and get a taste of what an Elemental Yoga journey is like. We’ll start with an introduction to the techniques and then flow in a complete practice.

Elemental Yoga is a dynamic blend of vinyasa yoga, prānāyāma, kriyā practices from the Yogananda lineage, Himalayan kundalini practices, mantra, and freedom movements. The practice is designed for personal growth and transformation, to help you transcend old patterns and realize that the magic of creation is flowing within you. We foster fearlessness and vulnerability so you are then free to express the entirety of your authentic self.

About Chad:

Chad recently returned from India, where he spent the past few years studying with teachers steeped in the ancient Himalayan and classical Tantric yoga traditions, including Anand Mehrotra at Sattva Yoga Academy. Chad also studies with Stephanie Snyder, Elise Lorimer, and Kia Miller. After living and teaching in New York City for the past four years, he is now based in San Francisco.

Chad’s public and private classes are holistic, dynamic, fun, and designed to encourage his students to connect with their highest selves, and to reach their greatest potential. Ultimately, Chad seeks to make his students’ experience of yoga one of connection, love, surrender, celebration, and compassion.