Love is the Way: A Day-Long Virtual Retreat

Join Steph & Haley for a day of releasing, reconnecting, and renewal through yoga, meditation, vegetarian cooking, introspective work and community.

Sep 26, 2020

9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Stephanie Snyder and Haley Havelock

Virtual -- Zoom link will be provided.

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Love is the Way: A Day-Long Virtual Retreat with Stephanie Snyder and Haley Havelock

About the Event


Love is the way, we know this. We also know that the world has challenged us all in recent months and it may be high time to reset and recalibrate. To this end, Steph has developed a day-long virtual retreat that will support you through a clearing out, cleansing, and detoxing of the body and mind, and a much needed nurturing of and reconnection with your heart and spirit. Steph and Haley are so excited to guide you through this day of yoga, meditation, vegetarian cooking, introspective work and community. 

This daylong virtual retreat will commence at 9am and conclude at 4pm, with plenty of breaks and some free time if needed. Here’s what’s on deck for you:

  • A sweet morning meditation followed by Steph’s signature Detox Vinyasa Flow.
  • Steph will offer a succinct philosophy talk focused on helping you integrate simple philosophical tools into your life right now as you are, and as the world is.
  • After a short break Haley will lead us through a simple vegetarian cooking class together and we will have a lovely veggie lunch together.
  • Journaling / introspective work guided by Steph.
  • Light discussion and meditation.
  • Haley will lead us through a beautiful restorative practice.
Of course, we will sprinkle in a little chanting, laughter, sweat, and prayer for a complete release and a renewed connection to ourselves and our lives.

Upon registration you will be sent a shopping list if you choose to join the lunch. After the retreat you will receive all playlists used so you can relive our beautiful day in your own practices. You will also receive a link for limited editions of a custom Love Story tank and sweatshirt that commemorate the day; purchasing is optional, but these will only be available to those who participate in the retreat.

We are here for you, we love you and we want to support you. Let’s come together in breath, movement, and joy.

A Zoom link will be provided by email.