Posture Lab Series with Nichol Chase

In each 4 hour session we will dive deep into practice, with an in-depth look at the anatomy of each pose and sequencing strategies for practice and teaching.

Apr 24, 2020 — Apr 24, 2020

Nichol Chase

473 Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA, 94109

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Posture Lab Series with Nichol Chase with Nichol Chase

About the Event

$80 per session

The Posture Lab Series with Nichol is perfect for both teachers and experienced students. In each 4 hour session, we will have the opportunity to dive deep into practice, have an in-depth look at the anatomy of yoga poses, and study sequencing strategies.

Challenging poses can be exciting and empowering if they are approached intelligently. If, however, they are approached in a manner that is thoughtless and haphazard they can do more harm than good. And we all want to have a lifelong yoga practice, right? This is why the aim of this series is to better understand how to practice and teach poses in a manner that is safe, skillful, and sustainable.

These sessions will give you the tools to safely unlock your practice potential. They will also give you smart strategies for introducing challenging poses in your home practice, your public classes, and your workshops.

January 3, 4 – 8pm: Hip Openers
February 21, 4 – 8pm: Arm Balances
March 13, 4 – 8pm: Inversions
April 24, 4 – 8pm: Back Bends