The Complete Practice

with Stephanie Snyder

Program Overview:

The Complete Practice is an innovative approach designed and led by Stephanie Snyder that acts as a hybrid between workshop intensives and teacher trainings. We have seen a growing curiosity and need for longer format, more intensive teachings that are also offered in an accessible timeframe. Think of them as mini trainings that will boost your practice and fill your heart. The modules are designed to work together in the order they are presented; however, if you are unable to attend all, you may also enroll in individual modules without feeling left behind. The modules included in this program are the Ganesha Bhakti Immersion, the Saraswati Bhakti Immersion, the Hanuman Bhakti Immersion, and both Teacher Tune-Ins. All modules in this training are led by Stephanie Snyder, and all hours contribute to Continuing Education Units (CEUs) with Yoga Alliance.

We have two overarching goals for these 5 immersive weekends:

Disseminate the anatomy, alignment, and sequencing of the physical practice. We will go into detail, for instance, on the physics of an arm balance, the inner architecture of twists, the shoulder rotation and alignment in backbends. We will teach you how to use props to accommodate for limitations and will offer more advanced variations for those who are ready. We will workshop and lab the poses, understanding the why and how not only of the pose but your unique body in the pose. For teachers, you will have chance to re-visit strategic sequencing, learn assists for advanced poses, practice your go-to assists, and deepen your understanding of cueing and communication in a group setting. You will learn more about how to look at a body in a pose and asses the best course of action for that student. For example, you will learn how to see a student in Urdvha Danurasana and decipher wether there is restriction in the lower body (psoas, quadriceps, etc) or the upper body (shoulders, pectorals, wrists, etc) just by observing the shape. You will then learn how to support the student with sound alignment.

Deepen your knowledge of and facility with sacred texts, philosophy, and devotion. Bhakti (devotion) will be the sacred thread that runs through all 5 modules. You will be introduced to basic tenets of Hindu philosophy and Vedanta, and will come to understand more about sacred sound, nada yoga, and chanting. You will be led through key elements of the texts through the lens of your own life. You will be prompted to do the work of applying those teachings to your own thoughts and behaviors in order to strengthen, heal, and optimize your relationships and your work. We will use the philosophy as it was intended – as an inner-personal guide, toolbox, and discipline to help us better understand ourselves and the world. For teachers, you will deepen your knowledge of the chants, stories, and texts, and will be supported in refining your ability to offer theses teachings in public classes and workshops in a way that makes sense, feels honest, and honors the traditions. This is the heart of the practice, and the value that these teachings can bring to a public class cannot be overstated. In particular, you will engage in Sadhana that will require you to take the teachings into your own life and do the work of examining how you can digest and assimilate the philosophy constructively. It is through this method of studentship that you will be able to deliver the teachings with legitimate sophistication and understanding. Your cup will be filled and you will be re-energized to share what you love as a teacher.


Fridays: 6 – 9pm.

Saturdays: 9am – 5pm, with a break from 1 – 2pm.

Sundays: 9am – 4pm, with a break from 1 – 2pm.


The Bhakti Immersions and Tune-Ins are appropriate for strong beginners, advanced practitioners, and teachers. The Teacher Tune-Ins require a minimum of a 200-hour teaching certification.

Students: All 3 Bhakti Immersions are suitable for strong beginners to advanced practitioners.

Teachers: All 5 modules are appropriate for teachers and eligible for YA CEUs.

Program Dates

  • Feb 14 - Feb 16
  • May 1 - May 3
  • Jul 10 - Jul 12
  • Sep 4 - Sep 6
  • Dec 11 - Dec 13



Entire Program:


A la Carte:

Ganesha Bhakti Immersion: $350

Saraswati Bhakti Immersion: $350

Hanuman Bhakti Immersion: $350

Bhakti Tune-In: Vedanta & the Bhagavad Gita: $400

Teacher Tune-In: Bhagavad Gita, Deeply: $400


Stephanie Snyder

Stephanie is the founder of Love Story Yoga, the creator of the Yoga Journal DVD, Yoga for Strength and Toning, and she is known for her inspirational teaching style. Students appreciate Stephanie’s unique ability to infuse her Vinyasa classes with yoga philosophy, conscientious alignment, and heart-felt humor. Her commitment to breath, movement, happiness, and prayer make Stephanie one of the country’s most sought after teachers.